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Current design proposal for building renovations.

The gift of family is one which we do not take for granted here at WCC. We are grateful that God has done amazing things through His church in Whiting as well as the surrounding areas, and we celebrate the fact that the theme of family has been at the center of the mission of this church since the very beginning. God used families in the community to build His church where we now worship in and serve in together.

Together, we are all a part of God’s family whom God has uniquely created to be in community with one another; where we grow together, laugh together, cry together, and simply take care of one another.

As we know, God desires to continually grow His kingdom, His family. God has built this church to develop new relationships with people who need to know Him. Having this in mind, the leadership of Whiting Christian Church have continually prayed and sought God’s will on how we can best impact new generations in our community. One of the steps the church has taken to accomplish this is to hire Brenda McFarland and Jed Shermer as our Children’s Ministry Director and Youth Minister, respectively. Both Brenda and Jed work hard to develop ministries which reach young people and teach them how to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Their leadership in these crucial areas of ministry has proven to be vital to the vision and mission of WCC and we desire to provide a great foundation on which they can continue to build their ministries.

We believe that one of the next steps taken for these ministries is to improve upon the already wonderful facilities we have here in our building. The elders and finance team have taken steps to consult with architects who have provided designs for an updated space in which our children’s and youth ministries can operate on a weekly basis. These plans also include a wonderful new entrance located between the original church building and the newer “Morton” building which was originally built as a daycare facility and now serves as the office and children’s ministry area.

For this to happen, of course, we must first take a step of faith and ask God to provide for this project. We believe that He has orchestrated these plans from the beginning. Now He desires to provide through the faith of individuals as we collectively pursue growth of His kingdom here in our community. We believe that if our sole desire is to lead people into growing relationships with Jesus then He will bless this community through our faithful generosity and give us an opportunity to reach even more families who need to hear the Gospel. The leadership of WCC, consisting of the elders, the staff, and the finance team would like to invite you to be a part of this campaign by committing to pray together and give sacrificially towards this project.

We are grateful for your input and welcome your questions. Please consider talking with any one of our elders or our Lead Minister, Josh Weece, about this campaign. We desire to glorify God through this project and look forward to seeing the great things He will do as we step onto this new path which God has provided. Thank you for your commitment to His church!

~ WCC Staff & Elders

An excerpt from "History of the Church of Christ at Whiting"

“When the fertile prairie land of Monona County was opened for settlement, many families sought the opportunity to secure for themselves a home. They brought with them into the new country brave hearts and determined minds; ready to live or die for their ideals. Foremost among these ideals was that of the worship of God; a worship as free and unhindered as the challenge of the open prairie country.

Of this noble band, those who fostered the Church claim our attention. Such pioneer names as Slocum, Wilt, Wiley, Polly, Myers, Williams, Scott, Wiles, Pyrtle, Utterback, Coons, Cummings, Van Blaricom are almost only memories yet how monumental were their efforts in those early days. Many of them had held communion in the Pleasant Hill church in Mills County and out of their experience there came the new communion here.

They met Sunday after Sunday in some good brother’s home where they heard plain gospel story told by one of their own group or by an itinerant evangelist and commemorated the Lord’s Supper in a simple way. They held “protracted” meetings in school-houses or groves; the Slocum, Herring, Circle, Dahl, Cook, Maplelanding, Brooks, Skidmore, and Crawford localities being the scene of many such gatherings. On one occasion they made arrangements to use the building belonging to another group only to arrive with evangelist and crowd to be denied admittance. Did they give up? Oh, no. One good brother offered the use of his barn and a successful meeting was held there-in. Hardships were many but the victories great in those days in the late (18)70’s and we bow in honor and respect for that courageous band.

By 1880 they saw that the growing village of Whiting would be a better place for a church home than in the open country so they made plans to establish a church there. They made arrangements to use the building belonging to the United Brethren.”

~ As prepared by Ada Carter for the 50th Celebration in 1933