We believe that God desires for each one of us to be involved with serving His church. There are many ways for you to get involved here at WCC! Please take some time to check out some of the opportunites described here on the website or visit our Welcome Center in the lobby as things are always changing week to week.

Regular Volunteer Opportunities

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Guest Services

  • Greeter (Welcome guests at the doors)

  • Usher (help guests find where their kids need to go and to find seats)

  • Welcome Center (help guests find the information they need)

Children's Ministry

Sunday Mornings (Sunday School - 9am; Worship - 10am)

  • Nursery Sunday School Teacher

  • Preschool Sunday School Teacher

  • K-5 Sunday School Teacher

  • Nursery Children's Church Teacher

  • Preschool Children's Church Teacher

  • K-5 Children's Church Helper

  • Check-In Worker

Wednesday Evenings (Kids SLAM • 4-5:30pm)

  • K-5 Helper

Youth Ministry

  • Teacher or group leader

  • Leader at Encounter (Wednesday Evenings)

Audio/Visual Team

  • Sound Tech

  • Lyric/Video Operator

Worship Service

  • Communion & Offering Preparer

  • Communion & Offering Server

Worship Ministry

We are always looking to get new talent plugged into the worship team on Sunday mornings. If you are interested in helping out in this area please take a moment to let us know what you would like to audition for!

  • Worship Vocals

  • Worship Band (guitar, drums, keyboards, etc.)

  • Communion Speaker