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Children's Ministry


The Children's Ministry of Whiting Christian Church exists to partner with parents in teaching their kids who God is and helping them understand biblical values.

We are passionate about the youth in our community and our goal is to ensure that you as parents are getting the tools you need to help teach your child about Jesus. Each week we have several opportunities for your child to learn about God's love for them and how they can share that love with others.

We offer programming for all of your kids each Sunday morning. Please take a moment and check out some of the things your kids can expect be a part of when they join us on a Sunday morning.

Current Children's Programming

Children's Church • Sundays at 10am

We have weekly programming available every Sunday during our 10am services that we encourage every child to join us for worship and teaching that will introduce them to Jesus and give them the tools they need to live their lives for Him.

Sunday School • Sundays at 9am

Classes are available at 9am every Sunday for each age group beginning with preschool. Sunday school is a great way for kids to experience bible stories in a smaller setting.


"Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven." - Matthew 5:16


9am • Sunday School
10am • Children's Church

Wednesdays • 4 to 5:30pm

1st Wednesday • Kid's SLAM "Learning"
2nd Wednesday • Kid's SLAM "Make a Joyful Noise" (Kid's Choir)
3rd Wednesday • Kid's SLAM "Serving"
4th Wednesday • Kid's SLAM "Make a Joyful Noise" (Kid's Choir)
5th Wednesday • SLAM JAM! (Special Activity)

*Wednesday Kid's SLAM runs from Sept. thru May.


We are always looking for volunteers who would like to be a part of teaching kids about Jesus! As we continue to grow this great ministry we find new ways to get people plugged into serving and we would love to have you join us. If you are interested in helping out with any area of children's ministry please contact us and let us know!

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What is Kid's SLAM and Kid's JAM?

Sunday School
This isn't just another day of school. This is where we dive deeper into our understanding of the Bible. It is all about bringing the lessons and the characters of the Bible to life.

Children’s Church
An interactive journey through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, where children can experience “Church” on their level while “Big people” go to “Big Church”.

Kid’s SLAM “Serving”
This evening is all about the SERVING!  We will have wild and crazy attitudes as we get our hands dirty living out the Word of God serving our community.

Kid’s SLAM “Learning”
This evening is all about the LEARNING!  We will have wild and crazy fun as we learn about the Bible while playing games and throwing down some snacks.

Kid’s SLAM “Making a Joyful Noise”
This evening is all about the NOISE!  We will have wild and crazy joy as we sing praises to our King!  Oh yeah, did we mention there will be snacks and games as well?  Well, there will be!*

This evening is all about the GOOD TIMES!  Any time there is a 5th Wednesday in a month Kid’s SLAM and Kid’s JAM come together for a SLAM JAM!  You never know what is going to happen on these nights, but you can bet your buttons it will be wild and crazy! **

*This is for grades kindergarten through 8th.
Make sure you sign up.

**This is for 3 year-olds through 5th graders.
Pre-K and under need to be accompanied by an adult.


Vacation Bible School 2019 • Roar

June 3 - 7 • 9am - 11:am (Monday thru Friday)

Get ready for an African adventure that engages the whole herd! Life is sometimes wild, but God is always good! We’re excited for you kids to join us this summer where they’ll discover a ferocious faith that powers them through this wild life. We also want to invite you all to join us on Sunday, June 9 for the VBS Celebration beginning at 10am, during our regular worship service, where there will be a presentation from the kids about what they learned during the week, followed by lunch and fun outside on the church lawn with another FOAM PARTY! Make sure to bring your swimsuits!!