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Connecting students to Jesus. Helping them Live for Jesus.

We are passionate about guiding students to an understanding of who Jesus is and helping them discover what living a life sold out for Him looks like. When your student attends any of our student ministry events or programs they will be greeted by adults who are there just to get to know the students. They care about each on of these kids and are excited about teaching them about what a life connected to Jesus can do for them. All of the leaders are trained to reach our goals by following these guidelines:


Students commit their lives to follow Jesus through public confession & baptism.

  1. Introduce the Gospel - Know and share the story of Jesus and his great love for them.
  2. Share our stories - We (the leaders) share our stories to help students see how God has worked in our lives.
  3. Get to know their story - The more we know the students in our ministry the more we can minister to them and lead them to Jesus.


Students actions and hearts will reflect that they have given their lives to Jesus.

  1. Model Christ - We want to live out our faith and be Godly examples.
  2. Help students find their gifts - We desire for our students to learn how they can serve God and other people.
  3. Introduce them to places to act - We desire to help our students find opportunities to serve and live out their faith.


Wednesdays • 6:30-8:30pm

Encounter is our weekly programming for 6th thru 12th grade students during the school year. Here is a little bit of what to expect at Encounter:

  • Hang out in the gym
  • A game of epic proportions
  • Lesson centered around the Word of God
  • Small groups for kids to discuss the lesson and of course food!

Encounter is a great place for students to encounter God and to interact with friends and leaders who want to share the love of Jesus with them.


Interested in serving at Encounter?

If you would like to be a part of serving in student ministries you can download the application or contact us to learn more about how you can get involved!

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Sunday School

Weekly Sunday School classes are available for both Jr. High & High School age groups. Sunday School is a perfect way for any student to participate in bible studies that will challenge them to dive deeper into God's Word and learn how God communicates to us through scripture. Both classes meet at 9am on Sunday mornings.