Leading Students into a growing relationship with Christ, through intentional relationships.

The Student Ministry maintains the mission and values of the Church to prevent the ministry from feeling separate from the rest of the body. One of our goals is to integrate the students into the rest of the congregation instead of keeping them apart. Therefore, we want to make sure the students have the same amount of responsibility to live out the mission and values of the Church.

Overall, we are passionate about guiding students to an understanding of who Jesus is, and helping them discover what living a life sold out for Him looks like. When your student attends any of our student ministry events or programs they will be greeted by adults who are there just to get to know the students. They care about each one of these students, and are excited to teach them about life connected to Jesus. 

Below is a laid out method of how we achieve our mission of "Leading students into a growing relationship with Christ, through intentional relationships."


  1. Introduce the Gospel - Know and share the story of Jesus and his great love for them.
  2. Share our stories - We (the leaders) share our stories to help students see how God has worked in our lives.
  3. Get to know their story - The more we know the students in our ministry the more we can minister to them and lead them to Jesus.


  1. Model Christ - We want to live out our faith and be Godly examples.
  2. Help students find their gifts - We desire for our students to learn how they can serve God and other people.
  3. Introduce them to places to act - We desire to help our students find opportunities to serve and live out their faith.